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July 18th, 2010


K, that lasted all of half a day. I pulled the plug on MyLikes due to scamonomics signals. Firstly, I was going to be earning all kinds of denos, but I was never able to record (or know) how they were going to palm me the dosh. Secondly, I notice the sys arbitrarily changed my geo location to Idj√©lidj, Chad. No offense all you Chad chicklets, but that’s not where I am. Love to visit someday. Get your Minister of Cult to front me a ticket and I’ll come and hang. We’ll both be changed.

Vertict: dump it

Hey, MyLikes; zone up


July 17th, 2010

Game for a MyLikes Laff

Street hustling’s a lifestyle. I pick up stray gigs wherever they fit – that’s why greezy Spiro hangs ’round: I’m always game for a laff, and I moisten his beak. At least that’s the drill. Now that I’m dialed in with him, he gets a bit insistent sometimes, and if there’s one thing worse than seeing ugly it’s when ugly gets nasty. So, I play it right, but I’m always covering my end. My girl @liberalchick230 pinged me with a MyLikes nudge. Since I’m always testing shite, I thought I’d whirl it to see how it goes. Click the link and join me. (Ignore. See follow up post) I’ll let you know if it’s doing anything; then we’ll either go hard with them, or at them. Meanwhile, maybe we’ll make some coin.