Toolin’ over to Minder’s

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Toolin' through the hood with Puss

Visited my boy Minder – rhymes with Kinder, like Kinder eggs. His real name is Mahindra, and I’ve known him from school. He’s a geek-hack. I get him to do retrofits ‘n’ shit. He also feeds me lines for product reviews that I do. Girl’s gotta work and my agent can be a real bee-atch when he wants to be. His name’s Spiro and he’s a greezy hairball muthah. Last night he called me up all respiratory in the middle of the night. Sez I’m holding out on him. Well, yeah! Whatta ya think, greezy hairball muthah?

I didn’t really say that, but he was getting’ up on my last tit at sumpin’ o’clock in the morning. The Johnny Fitz from last night’s howl, had just peeled off and I was finally swimming with the unicorns when my “Ra-Ra-Rasputin” ringtone goes off and it’s him, phukr.

Anyway, in the sober light of morning, I realized I had to get this shyte done; so, a visit to Minder was in the cards. Spiro wanted me to review some kind of GPS locator deely, the kind of thing psycho-parents get embedded under the skin of their kids so they don’t have to worry about losing them. These ones were actually used to monitor elephant migration, not because anyone cares where the elephants are, but because the gizmos were too big for other animals. Well, they came out with a miniature one, the “Revelation” series or some advo-jumbo, and Spiro wants me to do the full run down. That’s where Minder comes in. He’s my hack buddy. He says he luvs me but really I just make his life interesting, and I can get him to do things like this.

So, Minder’s working up the brief, and I’m back out on the town. Later, Deeries.


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