To Implant or not to Implant

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I shoulda known. Greezball Spiro’s playing an angle. He’s tricked out a scam with some lame zone mobile hacks to develop a location-based game with yours truly as the subject. From what I can make out from his garbled message, it’s sort of a Where’s Waldo for game girlz. He wants me to get the implant, the “Revelation” one. People – you and peepholes like you – sign up and track me round the planet for prize moolah. Sounds like a FKN-riot unless you’re me and you don’t need droolers doggin’ you. I’ve got enough of that with brokers and sales wonks down at the Martini-Q. I don’t need to be on call. Still, I’m thinking about it maybe being fun for a while. Afterall, most of y’all would have a time keeping up with me and my parkour sisbros. Down my alley I’m the queen traceuse, and my alley’s wherever I wanna run. Put it this way, PK’s in me deeper than boarding ever was with Avril.

So, I’m toying with the idea. Spiro’s always wanting to fatten up my persona for feeding, but (experience has shown) I’ve gotta cover my end first. Once Minder’s done his tests, he and I will craft some work’rounds, no doubt. Spiro’s never been one to put the “pro” in prototype, and I’m not about to embed some blinkin’ lights in my tender flesh without some assurances of the upper hand. So, we’ll see where that goes.


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