bite me dial-up boy


Hey, Dearies; I’m Marie, welcome to my zone, where I’ll be-atchin’, snitchin’, and sendin’ out the luv. I’ll be filling you in on the events of my days, introducing you to my friends and the other fukups I know. We’re all in it together and it’s gotta be fun.

Comment and fill me in on the shyte in your doings too. We can’t let the b-tards get us down. Woooohoo!

Follow me on Twatter ’cause sometimes we’re just rollin’, right? I promise to twat you too. Just don’t send me self-help garboon and other shyte I don’t need. Let’s givver, Biatches!



A shout out to my boys, J.Frank at NoDice, and P.Rafn at Plasmechanica. Their pimpin’ me, but it’s what we call consentual. You could do worse, ah-ayte?

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