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August 2nd, 2010

This Lane to Exit

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Ok, it got ugly, but I made sure the fun kept rolling. Hopefully, you were following the tweets. San Diego and back on a psychic highway. There were highs and lows and real crash and burn at the end. Here’s the first installment to get you up to speed…

Later in the day, I checked in with Minder on geo-locator thing. My deal with Spiro is that I do the reviews and he sells them off into his network. I never know where they go; I just focus on getting paid. Spiro’s pretty regular getting me $ to cover my end, but I’m never sure where I am with the D he’s fronted and the D I’ve earned. He likes it that way, and that shit just clouds my day; so, as long as I’m getting covered, the arrangement works. Still, I can’t help but notice that if he’s paying me a little bit, he’s really making a lot more. As a middleman, he’s tough to see around though. I’m working on it. Middleman. That’s funny, ‘cause FatBoy’s all middle.

Minder texted me when he finally hacked the Revelation – the GPS implant Spiro’s been ragging on me about. I tooled over to M’s place. As always, he was cool about providing the spec breakdown, but I had to sweeten him with some quality time spent to get a review out of him. I convinced him we needed to go howl at the moon, so we planned to start w/ drinks later at cigar bar.

Before that, though, he dialed me in with this woman who was thinking about getting the implant put in her kid. The marketing wonk at the manufacturer mentioned her a testimonial he was greasing. Minder hooked the number and we called her up. Turns out she’s phreekshow from the ruling classes. I don’t think she was hearing me straight, but she agreed to do an interview. It had to be that afternoon because she had a Sharper Image list of ruling class shit to do. Frankly, I had my own class of shite to do and couldn’t’ve been bothered except Minder convinced me it would add value to the review we had to write. Whatever.

On the cycle over to Ivy Alley – there are some ruud phkrs on the streets, it occurred to me that because this was over and above what Spiro was expecting, maybe I could flog it on the side; maybe I could start building my exit strategy from the pocket of the greezy furball. Of course I’d have to keep it on the down low. I called up my bud, J.Frank who turned me on to a blogster who profit-shares on submissions. By the end of the ride, I had the dude agreeing to receive the audio file from the interview. Check it out here. Be warned though; Mommy Dearest is wound so tight she sees through her ears. Still, the bee-atch is a sistah, and she didn’t realize it but she dropped me some kernels of truth that I couldn’t help think would be useful down the road.


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